Being Kindred

Kindred’s long-term success is driven by our people. Attracting and retaining the best people to support and drive Kindred’s long-term strategic objectives, purpose and business operations, remains a key priority. A significant element of this is to offer a best-in-class employee experience. We are dedicated to building a great place to work by investing in the training and development of our employees as well as by offering highly competitive benefits.

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Working at Kindred

At Kindred, all employees have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to drive change and challenge how things are done. As a global company operating a diverse range of products, across multiple markets and with employees based in a number of offices across the world, employees share knowledge and best practice across departments and country borders, which supports our teams in learning from each other. We are proud to have been officially recognised as a Great Place to Work in Australia and in the UK, as a top ten Best Workplaces in Tech and once again to receive the Excellence in Wellbeing Award from Great Place to Work.

A diverse workforce

Kindred is committed to building a diverse workforce of people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We promote equal opportunities across the employee life-cycle, regardless of gender, ability, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age.

Our diverse workforce enhances the quality of decision-making and business performance. Over the year, our diversity has been enhanced in several aspects. For example, our employee group represents an increasingly diverse range of the world’s nationalities and we are proud that 93 per cent of our employees feel they are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

Gender equality commitment

Kindred is committed to working towards gender equality both within Kindred and in the communities in which we operate.  We have developed our Alchemy programme as a leadership programme aimed at our High Potential Leaders. It consists of modulated workshops interspersed with one-to-one and peer coaching, including one-to-one mentoring from the Executive team, which has a strict gender diversity criterion in place to ensure that the gender balance is fair. Additionally, Kindred participates in external initiatives as a part of its commitment to achieve a 50:50 gender balance in its senior management by 2023.

During 2020 Kindred announced a new partnership with Women in Racing with the purpose to raise awareness of the issues working mothers in the racing industry face. For the fourth year in a row Kindred also supported Women in Tech Sweden as a co-creating partner.

A culture of learning 

Our strength is in our people. We foster a learning and coaching culture by investing in employee development from day one. We have a strong internal network to deliver facilitator‑led and peer-to-peer development opportunities. The “Kindred Academy” provides employees with the opportunity to acquire new in-depth skills, expertise and knowledge, as well as expand their internal and external network. By investing in the development of our people, we ensure that we are building a team that will challenge the status quo and that will identify new and better ways of working. On top of individual training and development, Kindred requires all employees to complete regular mandatory training on information security, anti‑money laundering, responsible gambling, the General Data Protection Regulation, health and safety, as well as anti-bribery and anti-corruption refresher courses.

Encouraging sustainability

Our employees are essential for the realisation of our sustainability ambitions and the long-term success of Kindred. To further encourage our employees to engage in sustainability activities, and ensure deeper integration of sustainability into business operations, we have changed our Group bonus structure in 2020 by introducing Group Sustainability as a core element of all bonus plans.

Sustainability goals

We want to become one of the world’s highest-ranked companies for employee engagement and by 2023 we want to achieve a 50:50 gender split in our senior management team.

Next steps for 2021

  • Expand the Group Sustainability element of the employee bonus structure to include additional metrics which improve alignment with the sustainability framework.
  • Evolve our employer brand strategy and align to the Group purpose, to ensure we continue to attract key talent to support the group strategy.
  • As part of our long-term ambition, we will work to increase the gender balance of senior leadership to 30:70.
  • Ensure that we embed inclusive leadership principles across the management group.
  • Capture inclusion and equity data for all minority groups and work with internal employee networks to build a 2023 roadmap from this data.

Read more about our approach to Responsible Gambling in our annual Sustainability Report.


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