Responsible Gambling

By working together, across gambling operators, regulators, reformed problem gamblers, researchers, other stakeholders and through technological advancements, we strive to offer customers a superior experience while ensuring they feel safe and secure. We want all players to enjoy the thrills, excitement and feeling of community that represent gambling at its best.

2021 highlights
of our customers deposit less after their first detection in our behaviour monitoring system
of our customers adopt healthier gambling behaviour after their first detection
of our customers use non-mandatory control tools
personalised and targeted responsible gambling messages have been sent to customers after detection
researchers, therapists, regulators, operators and other experts registered to attend the online Sustainable Gambling Conference

Detecting problematic customer behaviour

For more than two decades, we have invested heavily in developing technologies to detect and prevent problematic gambling. We use our knowledge to create a digital fingerprint of our customers’ behaviour. This fingerprint allows us to monitor, detect and follow up on problem activities, and provide targeted customer protection, which is a central part of building a safe and responsible gambling environment. Our player monitoring system PS-EDS (Player Safety – Early Detection System) detects early signs of problem gambling and is a major pillar in Kindred’s sustainable gambling approach.

Helping customers stay in control

If a customer starts to show signs of problematic gambling behaviour, an automatic notification, via PS-EDS, is sent to our Responsible Gambling team, which consists of analysts who are trained in harm minimisation and consumer protection. Our team builds a profile of the customer and advises on the most suitable responsible gambling messages and tools to help them stay in control on all our platforms, even if the customer is not logged in.

Our journey towards Zero

We have a clear ambition that none of our revenue will be derived from harmful gambling by the end of 2023. We have set a baseline for how we can effectively measure and report on our progress towards this ambition. Also, we have developed a public KPI to openly track progress on reducing the percentage of Gross winnings revenue derived from harmful gambling. The figures are updated regularly and published on our website together with a measurement of the effectiveness of the Group’s sustainability work. Read more about Our journey towards Zero here.

Sustainability goals

Our vision is to make gambling 100% enjoyable, and with that in mind we have a clear ambition: 0% gross winnings revenue derived from harmful gambling by 2023

Next steps for 2021

  • Ensure a minimum of 5% of each marketing budget is committed to safer gambling initiatives.
  • Make improvements to the current responsible gambling tool box to assist sustainable gambling.
  • Academically place our player monitoring system, PS-EDS, through peer review and collaboration with external researchers.
  • Openly report on the percentage of revenue derived from harmful gambling to show progress towards our 0% ambition.

Read more about our approach to Responsible Gambling in our annual Sustainability Report.


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