Sustainable Gambling Conference

Every year since 2016, we have hosted the Sustainable Gambling Conference with a simple idea in mind; let’s connect the brightest minds across the industry to discuss how we can work together to secure a sustainable gambling industry.

Our journey towards zero

We have set an ambition to have 0% of our revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. This will require dedication, collaboration and focus across our own teams and the industry. But we remain dedicated to succeeding and are openly reporting on progress.

Our goals and ambitions

We have set a high bar for our sustainability work, including having long-term visions for our five priority areas and setting long-term ambitions and shorter term commitments.

"Kindred has always had the ambition to be a leader in creating a safe and secure environment for our customers who see gambling as entertainment." - Henrik Tjärnström, CEO

Our most material SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals that form a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future by 2030. The goals are interconnected, and within each goal there are a number of targets and topics. We focus our efforts on the goals where we know we can have impact. Based on our materiality assessment, we have identified the three priority SDGs and underlying targets that we contribute most to and four supporting SDGs.

Driving change through partnerships

We work with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver progress on our sustainability strategy, and we continue to seek partnerships and collaborate with experts. We also work hard to embed responsible gambling in and drive social activation of our sport sponsorship.
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Downloads and resources

Here you can find our sustainability standards, policies and other relevant reports and documents.